Hey there 2020!

by Chenai Mugunyani

As each new year comes, I go in with a list of resolutions, what I do not achieve, I bring it on into the following year until I achieve it. And until December 2018, I knew nothing about themes.

I went into 2019 with no written resolutions. It was more of a challenge, to see how much I would accomplish without seeing it on paper and ticking it off. I took mental notes. I did, however, have a theme title, EXTRAVAGANT, was my theme for last year. Look, if I am, to be honest, my year was a banger, but just not in the way I thought it would be, it is not an entirely bad thing. What I expected and what I got were different.

This year, I have both, resolutions and a theme(these are two different things by the way).

RESOLUTIONS are things you aim to accomplish and achieve for the year.

A THEME is, a word/words, that you choose to live by. That means you will be living your life as honest as the word itself for the year. It kind of guides you, and calms you in a way. Each time something that does not align with your theme word arises, it stands as a cautionary barrier if I may say.

Some great themes would be, TRAVELLING, SAVING, HAPPINESS, GROWTH, SELF LOVE, PEACE, WISDOM, the list goes on. Whatever you feel relevant for your life can be a theme, big or small, as long as it seems important to you.

The reason why there are themes and resolutions is for personal growth, and those are not the only two ways to achieve that if you have something different that works for you hurrah!

So how exactly can you set a  theme?

I would say, just think about what you want, who you want to be and where you want to be, today, tomorrow, next year, five years from now. What company do you want to keep etc…

– I am sure we all want to be better people and we learn from our past mistakes. Reflecting on the previous year/s can also help in setting a theme. And themes, just like resolutions help in achieving your goals.

– Focusing on what you want to achieve.

– Focusing on the person you want to be.

– Checking the energy you keep around and the kind of energy you need.

My 2020 theme is RESTORATION, it is my lock screen. I cannot miss it when my phone lights up, it is a constant reminder…

What would you want your word/s for the year to be?

You can make a mental note. If you are not a fan of writing stuff down, but always remember, it’s a reminder to yourself and all you want your year to be about.


SIDE NOTE//: I read somewhere, a great idea actually. You buy a jar and every time something great happens in your life that year, you write it down and pop it in the jar. At the end of the year, you read through everything you popped in, how amazing would that be? Sometimes, great things happen and we focus on the negative.

Have a great one!


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