Airbnb’s a better option than hotels?

by Yandisa Sobahle

With just over a decade and in 81k cities with listings in 191 countries, the founders of Airbnb would have never imagined that 11 years later a simple idea of bringing together hosts and tourists would be this big.

Now how Airbnb operates is that you create a free account just like Facebook, where you insert all your details and a copy of your ID or drivers licence to prove your identity.

The Airbnb team then verifies personal profiles, listings and maintains their messaging system so that hosts and guests can communicate better. They also ensure that payments are secured.

If you are looking for affordability then AirBnB is an ideal choice, depending on if you are alone or with a group. They are cheaper and have more amenities and spaces compared to hotels. Guests get an opportunity to mix and mingle with locals. The AirBnB also recommends things one can do and the different restaurants available. All this is based on a recommendation system.

The debate on if AirBnB’s are a better option than hotels remain contested because we all have different needs and preferences when it comes to where we lay our heads down.

Some find AirBnB’s cheaper plus with more amenities and space. They offer weekly or monthly discounts and promo codes as a way of encouraging people to use Airbnb.

There are no 2 bedroom hotels compared to a 2 bedroom apartment that one can find on Airbnb. The review system guides hosts and guests into behaving well thereby gaining points. AirBnB’s remain unregulated like hotels.

You can also live your best life this December, no matter if you book into a hotel or Airbnb.

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