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Ok, can we focus on face packing!

by Chenai Mugunyani Yippee, winter is over, though honestly, some days do not feel like it. But let’s look on the bright side, shall we? We all enjoyed packing our winter regalia away, (I speak for those who are not fans of winter). Our skins were dry, and we were cranky and cold! Sun is […]

Behind closed doors

by Yandisa Sobahle She turned a blind eye She pretended she could not see Till this day, I do not understand what wrong I did I simply told someone I trusted what had happened to me Never had I imagined that my cousin would turn against me and see a woman in me Never had […]

Is this really a ‘mans’ world?

by Caroline Mazibuko We are well into the 20th century and women are still not getting any justice. They are inferior to men. Men are dominant, this stigma is passed on from generation to generation. Firstly there’s prejudice against one gender, there’s inequality in the workplace, in most cases promotions are given to men, 70% […]

Are we spoiling the rod or ending the cycle of accepting violence?

by Thando Mgobhozi It was a normal evening in our household and I was in my bedroom busy with whatever while my mom was preparing supper in the kitchen. My grandmother was watching tv in the lounge and my nephew and niece were still outside playing with their friends. I remember hearing strange noises coming […]

Royal(ty) Roundup

by Tia Black The word royalty has been thrown around a lot lately. Like that cheap coloured paper confetti in fact. Being that members of the actual royal family have migrated to South Africa (amidst rumours of them being shunned and banished here for sins we as plebs are not privy to) on a PR […]

Recognising depression #WorldMentalHealthDay

by Kimberly Flanagan Today the world recognises World Mental Health Day, with the theme of suicide prevention and it reminds us to remember all those friends and family members we have either lost to suicide or those who have and are currently suffering from a mental health problem. If you are unsure, a mental illness […]

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