Power Circle

by Yandisa Sobahle

I am sure you have also asked yourself what is a power circle and why are such needed. From knowing about shapes to learning and understanding concepts such as power circles. I think I first heard AKA rap about power circles when he said “We outchea living that Eskom life, yeah we in that power circle”. This made me reflect and understand the importance of connections, and connecting with the right people to help move forward. Connections also make you see things differently and have influence that is needed to give one a push in the right direction.

Power is the ability to do something. It is where we gain strength to move forward. Power enables one to have influence over the behaviour of another. A circle on the other hand has no beginning and no ending. A power circle for those in the dark is a group of people with a shared profession, interest and or acquaintances. Within such a circle you find people that always have your back.

You learn and grow with people in different areas of life. I would say power circles are beneficial for more than personal growth, leadership and networking. Such spaces allow for monitoring, evaluation and reflecting about what works and what does not work. It is a network of power that enables one to reach their full potential.

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