Warm winter delights

by Chenai Mugunyani

Winter is really here, not a joke this time!

Now its time to actually bring out the heaters, hot water bottles, electric blankets and throw that extra blankie you had stored away on the bed, or whatever you use to keep warm. The key is to stay warm, on the couch, snuggled in bed or on the go.

Here are some winter delights to keep you warm this season:


There are so many kinds of soup to try out there this winter, or you can simply walk in a store and buy the precooked soups and just warm them up.


The basics are perfectly a must have here and there.


To step out of your comfort zone, trying this would be a great way of achieving that!


For the sugar lovers, a little syrup or honey will not hurt anybody!


This is a winter special! There is no going wrong with some hot chocolate, and throw in some marshmallows.

Step out of your comfort zone and try different treats. Recipes and tutorials will come in use this time around and it is perfectly ok to put a twist to whatever you are making!

With some cookies, biscuits, bread, scones to munch on, make sure to treat yourself and stay snuggly warm.

Happy warm winter!

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