How to attack that festive fat

by Nande Myamya 

Why should the year have to change, in order for you to realize the importance of doing everything you can to no longer stay the same? Change really only comes to those who chase it. Before you embark on a fitness journey, think about which part of your body actually needs to get back into your shape. Apart from the physical representation of the weight gain that may have come to the surface because of those Choice Assorted Biscuits, that were hard to deny – how healthy is your mind? Why do you even feel the need to lose weight all the time?

Our minds have a very good way of exaggerating the worst. Sometimes you don’t even look as heavy as you physically feel. However, it is still important to live and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, that is both sustainable and enjoyable. Stop trying to lose weight because someone else, who probably knows nothing about fitness and nutrition, commented on your physique. This is YOUR journey. Walk the path when you feel like you’re more than happy to start.

A new year deserves an improved you! That should be your biggest focus. Striving towards breaking old unhealthy habits and achieving realistic goals, day by day.

Here are a few tips that can assist you towards feeling much better inside of your clothes :

1. Start by not wanting to stop
Aim to make exercise and healthy eating, a new way of living your life. Fad diets and “quick fix” workout plans, are guaranteed to ensure that you experience rebound fat and you’ll probably never want to try and be an active individual again. The slower your success, the better the effect. Chasing gradual growth will indeed ensure that your body adjusts well and loses fat healthily.
(Between 0.5 – 1kg a week to be exact!)

2. Become husband and wife with your fork and knife
Build a better relationship with food! Dieting should not imply starving. Don’t cut out all of your favorite treats and snacks, for the sake of having abs. This results in binge eating and other gruesome eating disorders, that can be extremely difficult to overcome, as they affect your mental health just as severely, as they’ll spike your hormones. Enjoy food. You won’t always have access to a gym but you will always be able to eat. Make it a priority, to know how to follow a healthy and nutritious diet, whilst having a few of your favorite recipes and meals throughout your journey.
(Don’t eat like a bunny honey)

3. Move your hips more than your lips
When it comes to embarking on a fitness journey, it cannot be a “from my mouth to God’s ears” situation. Be intentional about your goals. Put the work in, to get the toxic waste and unhealthy foods out! This doesn’t mean that you should annihilate your body by doing vigorous exercise routines but I encourage you to work hard AND smart. Learn how to give your body the rest it needs, whilst challenging yourself to move your feet. Sweat. Cry. Yell and always Breathe.
(Nobody has ever died from going the extra mile. Go hard or go home!)

Last by not least,
4. Remember who you’re doing this for
Don’t exercise to become beautiful because you already are. Do it because you want to be healthy and comfortable in YOUR body. Set your own goals and your own standards. Hold yourself accountable for your decisions and actions and don’t be afraid to make mistakes on the way.

You can do this and you will do this.
Take all the progress pictures you possibly can!

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