Trendy and accessible styles by Timberland

For Autumn/Winter 2019, Timberland looked back while keeping an eye firmly fixed forward. The result is a women’s collection that draws from the hottest trends and coolest desires.

With the goal of powerful storytelling at its core, the collection features both new groupings as well as renewed styles that reflect the current appetite for chunkier and more stylised footwear. The look of the women’s collection is directed decidedly forward. Trendy details and of-the-moment colours and treatments define this season’s offerings.


This season’s women’s collection brings aesthetics that blend urban style and comfort, establishing Timberland as a destination brand for women’s footwear. A new sneaker grouping features chunky outsoles for a youthful vibe, as seen on the star of the collection, the Ruby Ann 6-Inch Boot and oxford. The Ruby Ann 6-Inch Boot borrows from the iconic Yellow Boot and steps up as the hero of the story.

With tiered pricing options, the Autumn/Winter’19 collection gives the customer a broader range of styles. It acts as a statement that brings something for all Timberland enthusiasts. The collection does not compromise on quality and stays true to the brand’s heritage of premium footwear with influences from today’s trends fashioned for both the conservative and the trend-forward woman.

Shop the collection at or any Timberland outlet.

This content was supplied by Kaboomo Mgibi on behalf of Timberland

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