Mend while you’re bent

by Nande Myamya

Telling you that it is your brokenness that makes you whole, would make me seem crazy but I am not afraid to sound insane. We encounter seasons within our lives, where our emptiness ironically fills us up.

We lick our wounds and suck on our sucks and it’s not shocking that we may even become bitter beings at the end of it all. Don’t wait for the end of a painful season of life, to feel “motivated” enough to start healing. Ends are beautiful beginnings when you allow them to be.

Don’t postpone your growth. Now is the best time to overcome anything and everything, that may have stolen your joy and destroyed your peace. Reflect on the hiccups that you may have encountered and paved a way forward. You are your own architect. Build. A lot.

Take your time but don’t waste time. Ensure that the pace that you’ve set for your journey towards growth, is slow and steady – you’re probably halfway there already! Do things on your own terms. Don’t worry about what that may look to others. This has absolutely nothing to do with them.

Learn from the hurt. Pain is the best teacher and aren’t you tired of being schooled? Make it a priority to start viewing growth and success as your only option. “The pits” are overcrowded and this is your eviction notice. You deserve so much better.

Hurting and healing simultaneously is possible.

Avail yourself to it.



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