What we’re not gonna do in 2020: A letter to entrepreneurs/business owners

By Leina Ussin

Dear Entrepreneur/Business Owner,

Let me start off by saying, congratulations. You’ve taken the steps to take something you’re passionate about, and use it as a way to make an income! You’ve taken a leap of faith and followed what you believe is your purpose for being on this planet.

And though I know it’s probably been a struggle, and you’ve faced some hardships along the way, you’ve made it. You deserve every ounce of a celebratory moment that you can get. And I’ll give you that.

However, this is what we’re not gonna do in 2020!

You have all the reasons why you believe this business or service you offer is going to be a success. You know the time and dedication you put in to make it available to the public. So, when it comes time to let them know your prices, and they begin to negotiate, stand your ground!

Your time and your talents are not up for negotiations. I understand you may want to seem reasonable, and attain as much business as possible. But when you’re starting out, you need to establish and maintain a certain reputation. Don’t bend on that. There’s a reason you selected these prices, don’t let anyone make you second guess that.

Now, I know some of us to want to hook up our family and close friends, and I am not here to deter you from that. However, make sure it’s the right friends and family. Not everyone has your best interest at heart, and some people want to ride on your coat tails if they can. If someone close to you is genuinely supporting you, you’ll know it through their actions, not their words.

It’s easy for someone to say, “I got you,” but never back it up. Do not feel pressured to appease family and friend ties by negotiating your business prices. Again, you have a reputation to preserve, and relationships aren’t going to help expand your brand. Unless they really and truly believe in you. And again, actions speak louder than words.

So, what do we do about those friends or family members that don’t support you?

Here is where the tough love comes in, so, brace yourself. Before you start throwing a tantrum about not having real supporters, remember these few things:

  • The service or business you’re offering isn’t going to appeal to everyone! Not everyone wants to work on their credit score, or buy a house or likes the apparel you’re selling. So, if you find those close to you are not buying into your business, consider the fact that it doesn’t really benefit them the way you want it too.


  • Another harsh reality you may need to face is, if you’re just starting out, there’s a chance you haven’t necessarily perfected your craft. For example, maybe you just started branding yourself as a makeup artist, and you’re wondering why no one close to you has booked an appointment. There’s a chance they may not like the way you do makeup and don’t want to hurt your feelings. Yea, I know, it sucks, and in your mind, you’re probably thinking, “They can just tell me!” Yea, that seems reasonable, but if they genuinely care, they may not want to hurt your feelings. So, to avoid it altogether, they prefer to keep the relationship you guys currently have, and keep the business part out of it.


  • Last, but not least, they may want to support you, but fear the consequences of the business transaction going wrong. Say you’re a real estate agent, and a family member/friend goes through you to get a house. Something goes wrong, and it falls on you. You’re taking a risk and jeopardizing the relationship you have with this person. You may think it’s a simple business transaction, and these things happen. But when you’re dealing with family and friends, they can and will take it personally.

So, what we’re not going to do is stress about who isn’t supporting you! We’re not going to worry about who isn’t retweeting, reposting, or sharing our business information with their followers. We’re not going to argue or entertain people who don’t understand why your prices are your prices; and if they can get it done cheaper elsewhere, in the most professional way possible, tell them, “Bye Felicia!”

Now, what we will be doing in 2020 is maintaining a professional manner, remaining humble, being grateful for everyone who is supporting you, and keep moving forward.

Whether you’ve been an entrepreneur/business owner for one year or one hour, never fall astray from your path. You were chosen for this for a reason, and it’s important you see it through. Not everyone is going to believe in you, and they may even verbalize this.

But if you believe in you, then that’s all that matters. Oh, yea, cause that self-doubt thing, we’re not gonna do that in 2020 either!

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