Keeping cool during a heatwave

by Kimberly Flanagan

The country has been experiencing a really intense change in weather. Not only do we have little to no rain but the heat has become unbearable in some cases.

Climate change has put a huge spanner in the weather pattern works and if we’re honest, we’re partially to blame so now we’re paying the price with really hot summers and really cold winters.

It’s November now and for those of us in South Africa, it’s Spring and we are all looking for ways to keep cool. If your usual cold water with ice doesn’t work or the shade has gotten too hot, here are a few extra tips for when days get too hot.

  1. Make use of fans,
  2. Open your windows and doors as much as possible at night,
  3. During the day keep it closed to allow cool air to remain inside,
  4. Soak your feet in cold water,
  5. Use spraying bottles to spritz throughout the day,
  6. Try and get water wattles that keep your water cold throughout the day,
  7. Keep light sources to a minimum as this can cause your house to warm up,
  8. Eat fresh foods that don’t require cooking,
  9. Drink lots of liquid,
  10. Avoid alcohol or caffeine as both of these can cause dehydration,
  11. Dress lightly,
  12. Take cold showers,
  13. Wear sunscreen.

And remember even though it’s really great to bask in the sun, there are dangers to spending too much time in the heat so make sure you get a sun hat and wear your sunscreen at all times.

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