Moving out

by Chenai Mugunyani

Moving out is one of the most stressful and hectic things one can do, if not planned well! For someone who has done it a couple of times, you could be a pro by now, I tend to always get nervous (I am moving for the third time this year, don’t ask). For a first-timer, you will most likely be super stoked and have all these amazing ideas of your independence and freedom and having your own space. So, I do not want to burst any bubbles, I just want to level with you. There pros and cons to living alone, the scale tips over to one side more than the other depending on the type of person you are. Below are some pros and cons.


? You have your own space.

? You get to spend more time… with yourself, it’s a good thing, trust me!

? You can clean when you want, no judging!

? You when you go out and come back, everything is as you left it!


☹ Sometimes, just sometimes, you get lonely, depending on your personality.

☹ Food gets bad quickly i.e. fruits and veggies.

☹ You get very lazy to cook, let’s be honest, cooking for one person sucks and eating alone does too!

☹ No one is there to help you when you need help.

What to do!

Get boxes- its easier to pack your stuff in boxes, they sit nicely and are just orderly, plastics work too, but they tear quick. Put your clothes in the boxes folded neatly, it’s a timesaver when you move in!

Get organized – now this is the part you need to master all the organizational skills you have because they will come in handy, it is better to work smart and not hard. It is better to box your belongings room by room. Don’t forget to wrap things using a newspaper!

Try packing earlier to avoid last-minute runarounds – pack, try starting a week or two earlier! Take your time and save the small light things that are boxable for the last day.

Label stuff- if you can, it is easy when you get to your new place, you just throw boxes in their deserving rooms!

Get help- if you can, you can’t do it all on your own!

Make sure you have transport- sounds obvious right, you would be shocked at how many things you tend to forget when your mind is spinning!

And before leaving, do a last sweep of the house, well, its always decent to clean before you leave, but also check if you haven’t left anything behind.

Happy moving!

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