SHE makes the move

by Jennifer Khumalo

If you want something you’ve never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done before’_ Thomas Jefferson

Finding a perfect partner is hard because ‘perfect’ is just an illusion. But how about being able to take the lead as a woman and pursue the man of your dreams? It isn’t much of a crazy idea because it’s the 21st century and women do make the first move.

Women are becoming independent by day and are free to choose how they want to spend their lives and who they want to spend with. Making a move as a woman has nothing to do with going against beliefs since men used to take the lead before, but it is more about women having the same liberation as men. Having the freedom to choose.

Taking the lead as a woman clearly shows you know what you want and that you are willing to go get it. It might be seen as strange and to some, it might come across as a desperate move from a woman who wants to feel loved and wanted. But who still follows gender-defined roles anymore? When it comes to a relationship it does not really matter who makes the first move.

The thought of having your love proposal rejected might sound embarrassing but no one said it would be easy because you’re a woman. Men go through rejections too, well more than women in most cases. Rejection will not always be about your physical appearance or personality, some men might find it a bit taboo when a woman pursues them. Some men just prefer keeping things traditional, they would rather be the Hunter.

Taboo or Not, relationships and love do not have a manual on who should make the first move and how it should be done. If you like him make a move sis!

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