A seat at the table

by Yandisa Sobahle

We all want a share of the pie, we also want to be counted. We want to be part of the decision making and let anyone speak on our behalf. We can do what the next person can do and can even do it better.

We are not afraid or feel threatened by the unknown.

We walk bold and face challenges head forward.

This is the generation that is bold and goes for what they want however without stepping on people’s toes.

We understand that bridges are not meant to be burnt but mended for future collaborations and partnerships.

Women are changing the stereotypes, we no longer want to be restricted to be homemakers, we multi-task because we want it all.

Even though society still largely sees the roles that we get into as male spaces and excludes us from participating.

You might be asking yourself what then is holding us back. Let me tell you this, as women we get less support in the workplace, communities and at times at home.

Climbing the corporate ladder has never been easy when your opinions are taken lightly, or you are passed over for promotions.

Just take a classic look the cabinet in as much as the President has included women in the Ministry, yes, the representation of women in cabinet is good but that should not be our only focus. Women in leadership where questioned on the readiness of South Africa to have a female President and also when it came to the position of Deputy President.

Names were brought to the front and scrutinised and still no worthy female candidate was chosen. Structural issues remain in play and that is what still needs to change as we move with times. Men need to be brought more into dialogue in order to break down these gender stereotypes. We are prejudices against, belittles and made to feel worthless when we are worthy in every aspect.

I await the day that our points are not being nullified by virtue of being a woman that stands up for what she wants.

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