Speed dating and romantic relationships

by Simphiwe Skhosana

There are different types of speed dating, online speed dating and a social event where two individuals meet up with different personalities within a time frame period within an amount of time set up to get to know the person you may become fond of. True love exists and it conquers all, it can be found in so many ways, “Speed dating” is one of the trends where it can be found. It genuinely depends on individuals if they believe they can find true love in it.

An individual goes on speed dating with a purpose, longing to find love and acceptance only if the other person comprehends with you as a person and if there is a connection in terms of intellectual conversation taking place within two parties and not having disputes, therefore, we would presume that one has found true love.

Speed dating can only be a success if there are matching personalities within two people on a date because that is where you see if you like the person or not, or if you are enjoying the conversation that you are having with another person. At first sight, two individuals are going to be anxious about meeting one another because you can be unsure if you are going to like the other person. And those are the qualities that may hinder the date a success, but regardless of anything two people can make it a success.

Speed dating is not only a trend but it is a new dating event that became a success for the past 40 years, because during the ancient times people believed that true love is found in the streets, not on social media sites, they believed that a man should meet a lady in the street and propose to her, but that is when they will get to know them and know the best that they want, but a lot of them never became a success because most of those relationships a partner was chosen for you, it doesn’t matter if you loved them or not, but if your parents liked someone for you, they will choose that person for you because it is either that individual is regarded as being suitable for you. Hence speed dating became an ideal event to varnish all of that.

Social media sites broke all odds with online speed dating because people get along, they chat online, do video calling, call each other and that on its own leads to a romantic relationship because individuals develop feelings for each other, they take care of each other, and that becomes a success, and once the level of relationship comes to that stage it leads to a marriage and this becomes true love. And you can find that these marriages last long not because of social media pressure but because two people have become one unit because of love, and love is an everlasting hope and happiness if it is shared with the right individual.

Speed dating is not only a trend but it is a new age dating experience that put a spark into a relationship, you may find love within 30 minutes when you meet up with a person, the amount of years and time does not measure a relationship, within that short period of time a person you meet up with can make you happy because there is a lot that can make you happy about them, it could be their smile, jokes, smell and you could also be mesmerised by the way they communicate with you, because they understand you, they do not judge you by the way you look, the way you have dressed up or even the way you talk, therefore you do find true love and an unpretentious person on speed dating.

We need to move with time, trend with frequent capabilities, and stop penetrating onto the past, stop believing myths about the past and start trying new things because speed dating are some of those new experiences, we will find love that will last a lifetime, and that on its own we will call those partners lifetime partners without a hesitation.

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