You women’s month differently: My unsung queen

by Nomakhwezi

I am an in more awe of the silent warriors who wage personal wars in their world every day and win.

I am sure I am not alone in believing that it is those unsung victories that add a wealth of “Feel Good” moments into our lives. It’s that little voice inside ourselves that say “Yes I did that…sure didn’t think I’d pull it off, yes it is me I am the Ghel”. Then we go about our daily lives. So if any of you want to celebrate with me but think their Aha moment is not brag-worthy. I am here to say you’re a winner and Happy Women’s Month. May all the little things we call our small/secret victories to keep adding up in your heart until it overflows and overflows. With love and gratitude for the small things that make a life whole and rewarding.

I look forward to looking at your posts veritably screaming your girl finally got out of bed this week and took a shower. In the world where anxiety and depression are closer than our next of kin. Seeing one day of light is a big victory for me. I hope you know that it gets better even if you woke up the next day and you cancelled your plans to being back in bed again. I see you this Women’s month, small leaps are the way to betters day. Listen if you finally gave yourself a break from that toxic relationship even if it was the thought to actually cut ties, I know your next victory will be to actually remove yourself from such situation.

Even deleting his number, you know! If you actually finally signed up for dancing in heels lessons or you showed up in your work meeting and voiced up your opinions finally. Even if you took yourself out for breakfast once, it feels awkward but you did it anyway. I also celebrate you taking that long-awaited break from social media to reset, you might have binged through by activating your accounts for an hour. Not bad at all I say, next week try not binging at all.

I can only hope that this Women’s Day you know you showed up for yourself and it feels good.

Here receive my hugs in words…

I am with you to share what feels good and sending you higher vibrations so you may transcend to a greater height. You doing amazing.

Love and light.

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