Why people love Vodka #NationalVodkaDay

This odorless, flavorless beverage is closely associated with Eastern Europe. Vodka has its roots in the Russian word, “voda,” which means “water.” Although Russia and Poland have a fierce rivalry over who actually invented vodka, it’s rumoured that the drink was first produced in Russia in the 9th century.  French and Russian soldiers scattered throughout Europe during the 19th century’s Napoleonic era eventually popularised the drink. Today, vodka is the most widely consumed spirit in the world — quite the accomplishment!

  1. Vodka Is a blank canvas

    Because it is tasteless, colorless and odorless, vodka makes it possible for you to create any drinking experience you want. Want something fruity? Add cranberry juice. Prefer a savory experience? Mix up a Bloody Mary. Want to have the true Russian experience? Drink it straight and chase it with a crisp pickle. Za zdorovye!

  2. Vodka Is way more than just a drink

    Vodka is most popular for its inebriating properties, but it is also extremely versatile in other ways. You can use vodka to treat jellyfish stings and poison ivy, to repel bugs, to clean your windows, to make your hair shiny, to keep your flowers looking fresh and much, much more! Of course, who wants to waste perfectly good vodka on that when you can simply drink it and enjoy the burn!

  3. Vodka heals wounds, too!

    Because of its high alcohol content, vodka can prevent microbial infections on wounds. In Russian folklore, vodka cures a wide variety of ailments, ranging from headaches to hangovers. Got a toothache? Swish a little vodka around in your mouth and swallow it, if you dare!

    Tell us in the comments section why you love vodka or rather why you think people love vodka.

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