Petrol or Dettol?

by Nande Myamya

The world is wounded and so are you. However, this is never eternal. Pain can only truly paralyse us when we numb ourselves to it. Our hurt is just a diagnosis – not a disease.

We’ve all been told that ‘you always have a choice’ and as outdated as this proverb sounds, its principle can be applicable to the range of choices that I am yet to present you with today.
(Disclaimer: These choices aren’t as luxurious or daunting as you may have already assumed them to be. You’re literally just choosing between petrol and Dettol)

To further explain my reasoning behind providing you with these obscure options – examine yourself and be transparent about your response.

A : Are you the type of individual who buries their pain, trauma, heartache and other negative emotions that are left undealt with and “keep it moving” or B: Do you do your utmost best to access the root of the thorns that are stabbing into your heart and seek solutions that could assist you in tackling the obstacles that you are faced with?

If you answered A: I’d strongly advise you to choose Petrol and if you answered B: Dettol could just be the item that helps you accelerate your healing process and sets you well on your path, to see the benefits of confronting the painful parts of yourself, that you may not want to come into contact with.

When your vehicle starts running low, it’s only logical to go to your nearest garage station to fill up your tank and to get going again. Simple. Obvious and non-negotiably so? It would be ludicrous to purchase a new vehicle each time your current one runs out of fuel. So why do that to you? Why neglect spending more time with yourself; seeking the necessary help and encouragement, to get you going again when your soul is running on empty?

It’s much easier to run away from your tribulations as a way of moving on with our lives but have you ever considered that the weight of your troubles, is actually attached to your feet? You’re not getting stronger by “sweeping things under the rug”. You’re just getting better at moving around your garbage but inevitably, the stench of whatever you’re hiding is bound to reek.

Pour petrol into your pain. Use it to help you move again. You can always die trying, but trying hard won’t be the cause of your death.

It isn’t the presence of the scar that hurts – its the excruciating and flaming sensation, that makes the cleaning process of the wound almost unbearable to live through. Anyone who’s fallen and scraped their arms as a child and had their parent, forcefully disinfect their open sores with Dettol – knows exactly what I’m referring to.

Even as we grow older, healing from any painful experience requires a significant amount of “Dettol”, to help us ensure that we clean what is unclean. You can’t put in half the effort and expect to be whole again. The pain of doing everything that you can to heal is far more rewarding than the disappointment of accepting that the damage that had been done to you, is irreversible.

Healing will always be a choice that you have to make. Be it consciously or subconsciously
Whether it’s Petrol or Dettol, I hope that you never decide to settle.
Choose your joy, peace, and stability.

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