Building a high quality, timeless wardrobe

by Boitumelo Makobosheane

The question that women often ask is, how do I look good every day without creating holes in my budget?

“Great style doesn’t have to be expensive” –Sharon Haver

A woman’s closet should have key investment pieces known as wardrobe capsules, these items help save your time in the mornings. Your closet will look like a nightmare if as a woman 76% of your closet is made up of trendy outfits. Trends are not timely, therefore you find yourself shopping every second week trying to get the latest piece on the shelves. Trends are worn a certain way limiting your fashion imagination and ability to get creative with your outfits.

There are 5 investment pieces a woman should focus on getting;

Outwear items- these should be timeless high-quality material and design.

  • Black blazer

If you are looking for a designer blazer try the Balmain blazer

  • A black leather jacket
  • Black/ gray suit
  • Versatile belt- a belt takes your outfit to the next level, get a good quality belt. Get the Chanel belt it has been around for a few years with the potential to be around for the next few years. The Gucci belt doesn’t appear to have a long life; I would look at it and call it trendy.
  • Neutral handbag – it is also important when investing in a handbag to get one that will be here in 10 years, Chanel is also a good example of quality, sophistication and multipurpose handbags. An example of this is the classic flap; this designer bag goes with anything from formal to casual. Get neutral colors black/ nude/ white. You have no idea what a good handbag does to an outfit, it adds sophistication and elegance. You can always add the trendy handbags for occasional use because they won’t be around for too long.
  • Denim – get yourself a good pair of denim, good quality will always look great on you. If you are looking for a slim look and long legs when wearing denim go for high waisted denim. Get standard colors white/ black and blue, I love denim blue denim because you can create over 12 great outfits with just one.
  • Neutral heels – black / nude

These 5 investment pieces are known as base items because you can wear them in a few different styles and even with trendy items over and over again. To polish your outfit get jewellery, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Sunglasses are also an investment piece to get a classic looking pair in black and in a timeless shape.

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