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Our bodies are not parties that everyone is invited to, so why do some individuals behave as if they’ve been given a VIP pass that allows them to comment on what our bodies can and cannot do? Ironically, many people seem to run their mouths regarding the success of Mokgadi Caster Semenya, when it is evident that she cannot be outpaced.

The loss of her appeal against the IAAF testosterone rules, subtly emphasises on how much confidence and dignity women need to gain, with regards to the impeccable design of their own anatomy.

Woman, you do not have to compete with every other woman that you meet. Being yourself for yourself is the highest pinnacle that you could ever reach. It’s easy to be immensely hard on yourself, when you’re continuously comparing yourself to someone else. So why do it? Why put yourself down by hoping to “one up” someone else? Whether or not you find yourself doing this to nurse your own insecurities by trying to feel as though you are “better” than others, it’s still extremely unhealthy. Be it physically or not – it is important that you seek solutions that will help you stop.

Winners don’t compete – they simply participate and this is an invitation to the “self-love club”. We will not build each other up, if we don’t refrain from breaking each other down. Women were not created to simply be a part of “a man’s world”. We were made to nurture nations, however, loving yourself shouldn’t be an afterthought. Our minds tend to be our biggest enemies when we think so little of ourselves. Hence, I’m encourage you to neglect every part of your heart, mind and body, that helplessly rejects itself.

You’re only as beautiful as you allow yourself to believe and each time you compare yourself to someone else, you set yourself up for failure. In actual fact, it’s equivalent to placing a billboard full of your insecurities and inner doubts, on a highway that you know you’re bound to drive on a daily basis. I am almost certain that you wouldn’t appreciate the constant sight of this, so why try to see yourself through the eyes of someone else, who may be just as blind to your beauty as you are? Stop looking for what you don’t possess. It breeds so much emotional distress and you don’t deserve to live like this.

You shouldn’t focus on how you’re not being noticed. Many times, our longing for the attention, validation and acknowledgement from others, stems from the lack of ourselves. Sometimes you’re in desperate need of your own affection and you aren’t even aware of it. If you don’t make the effort to listen to what your own body is trying to communicate to you, you’ll never hear it calling you beautiful and loving you right back. Rest when it is tired. Feed it well when it hungers for health. Your body is one of the greatest gifts that you’ll ever receive, so unwrap it carefully.

Confidence is not a result of perfection. You will never be fully satisfied with yourself as an individual and this is completely okay. We will always lack in certain aspects of our lives but it’s important that we cut ourselves some slack and become proud of who we are, how we are and who we desire to be. You can’t always change how you look, but you can ALWAYS change how you see yourself. The mirror doesn’t have to keep being your warzone. You are worthy of your own love and it is crucial that we remain kind and patient towards ourselves.
When you host your Body Party, ensure the following: Self-hate and judgement do not make it past your bouncers (they don’t make for good company). Your playlist should consist of words of affirmation and self-gratification. When your insecurities become too loud, turn the volume up! Lastly, have a toast to yourself for doing the most. Self-love is never easy but it always worth it. You are worth it.

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