Danger of suicide with release of Matric Results

Matric exams have always been known to be a stressful and daunting time for both learners and parents.  Once the final paper is written there is a sense of relief and excitement attached to having finished school and starting new adventures.  This is a time of euphoria for all matriculants who may go away on the ever-popular ‘matric holiday’ or spend time relaxing at home with friends.

However, this feeling of euphoria can be short-lived as the time approaches for the results to be announced.  Anxiety, fear, and stress are associated with this time.  It is during this time that there is an increase of suicide by matriculants who may have failed the year or not achieved their desired results.  The release of results is a stressful time and parents need to be supportive of their teen at this time.

Matriculants who have failed the year need to know that they can have a second chance by rewriting or following other paths.  Parents should try to be with their teens on the day the results are released.  If your teen has failed the year or is bitterly disappointed by their results you should monitor their behaviour carefully.

If you are feeling suicidal or know of anyone who is contemplating suicide contact us PsychMatters Family Therapy Centre on 011 – 450 3576 for professional help.

Compiled by Melanie Hamaty, Clinical PsychologistPsychMatters Family Therapy Centre Bedfordview

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