Tips to mentally prepare for the New Year

by Boitumelo Makobosheane 

Time flies, maybe you haven’t even gotten halfway your goals for 2019 and bam the year is over. You are getting busier, older and time has passed in what feels like a blink of an eye and left us all a little scrambled. The free time has disappeared. How do you get ready for 2020 a whole new year, a whole new decade? The whole “new year, new me” is super cliché. Here are a few ways that work.

Clean your space 

Get rid of everything that won’t be useful in this year, not just your room. Deep clean the whole house. Get your old diaries and year planners throw them out you have been given a chance to begin again. You can’t be dragging dirt and regrets into the New Year.


After you have cleansed everywhere be sure to reflect on the year passed, looking back will motivate you to do better and also make you see your strengths and you will be able to see how truly arduous the year was. Taking time to notice all this makes you appreciative of your growth and know what you don’t want to take with you into the New Year.

Buy a planner/diary 

Responsibility is key, but planning is more important it keeps you prepared and on top of your game.

Set goals 

Ambition comes from well crafted-list, I m not talking about simply to-do lists of chores. Find which time period you are comfortable with could be day-to-day or month to month at-least make an outline for 2020. Write goals from the least significant to most significant. Now your duty throughout the period chosen is to keep track, ticking those you have achieved of the lost this also helps keep you motivated. Stop setting high expectations for the New Year and focus on realistic goals. If you set your goals to be very ambitious it gets really difficult to achieve them because at first attempt you fail or don’t get the expected results, you will feel discouraged and throw in the proverbial towel. Unrealistic goals are an enemy of progress

Simple realistic goals are the way to go because you will notice the small, incremental changes in your life that will motivate you to keep pushing forward because you are seeing progress.

Embrace change 

Instead of this new year new me business, understand what you want to change based on your core values and what is most important to you. Yes, change is never easy but don’t avoid it might be scary, tough and unnatural but it has to be faced.

Train your mind to eliminate negativity. 

Build a supportive network, people you can be accountable too, positive people that know you well and your strengths and weaknesses.

Remove temptations 

Mentally strong people don’t live their lives trying to resist temptation they remove them altogether from their lives. It is not the easiest of tasks. Start by identifying your impulses and looking for ways to make it harder to give in to them. Always bear in mind that our will power can only carry so much.

Plan for obstacles and don’t expect immediate results, growth takes time we call that time the incubation period where you put in the work while eating for the results. Learn to prepare for the obstacle, for example, you need emergency cash in cash the stove breaks, the geyser busts or the engine breaks be prepared. Instead of being impatient and discouraged be patient, persistent and passionate your dream will take off or you will reach your goal. Enhance your skills and track your progress not forgetting to keep the eye on the prize.

Remember to take it a day at a time, it won’t all start well first get rid of the temptations then you are quarter to there.

Compliments of the New Year


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