There is ugliness in being beautiful

by Mve

Some have witnessed their friends bagging jobs simply because they are beautiful, we all know they exist but there is a downside to being beautiful too which is one of the things that a lot of people sadly do not pay attention to. It’s no lie that beauty can’t be ugly but being beautiful can definitely feel ugly.  It’s not always a pretty thing to be pretty and I’m pretty sure all the pretty faces are nodding their heads reading this.

One of the ugliest things about being beautiful is that people act like beauty and brains can’t co-exist.  Many assume one is without brains when she is beautiful.  They overlook her talent.  “Oh, we all know she got that gig because of her looks, not because she deserves it.  There are much more deserving girls than her.  All thanks to her pretty face” That’s what many say every time she scores a gig.

When one is beautiful, it’s like people get blinded by the outer beauty, they fail to see the inner beauty.  When one is a pretty face, praise is given to her pretty even when it’s her mind that is deserves the praise and that’s ugly. When a creative mind is not sung praises, the creativity fades.

The key to not losing your creativity, in this case, is to always remember to give praise to your mind when it deserves the praise.  Don’t wait for people to appreciate what you can do yourself. Sometimes you have to convert the praise they give to your beautiful face into praise to your creative mind.  Be like “No, they don’t mean to give praise to you, beautiful face.  They mean to give it to you, my mind, for your creativeness”.

Did you think being a pretty face was all pretty? Guess what?

“They said I was too pretty for the role,” Dineo Langa said explaining how being a pretty face made her lose a role she purely deserved and she is not the only pretty face to have faced such.

In this ugly world, we live in you have to be a strong beautiful woman to survive, because beauty comes with its struggles too.


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