By Thando Mgobhozi

Zara SA has just launched their online store so if you’re reading this and you’re a fan of their work, head over to their website to check what’s popping or simply download their app.

Zara has also created a campaign to market their online store and on this campaign,they have collaborated with micro-influencers to create awareness about it. In return, the influencers will be receiving a shopping voucher from Zara for endorsing the store on social media. The influencers took to Twitter to share their excitement for this campaign.

It seems as though many people were surprised that Zara chose to collaborate with micro-influencers especially because it is such a big brand. Even with this debate over who Zara should have chose to collaborate with, many tweeps were still happy that small influencers were given this opportunity to grow in the influencer market and messages of congratulations were overflowing.

Zara SA is a Spanish apparel  retailer, the biggest apparel retailer based in Arteixo in Galacia. The company specializes in everything fashionable from your clothing, shoes, accessories, perfume, beauty and swimwear. It is the largest company in the inditex group and has stores operating in South Africa.

Zara made it’s African debut in South Africa Sandton City on November 10 and the company itself was established in 1975 with a store in La Coruña, Spain. It now operates 5154 shops in 78 countries. The arrival of Zara has increased competition in the retail market and even so South Africa’s retailers have been able to firmly stand their ground. According to Urdang, Zara is healthy competition for local players, “What Zara’s entry does do, though, is up the game and give local players the extra nudge and push.”

Online shopping is so much convenient and fast. There’s no denying the presence of online stores has changed the game and taken it to a whole new level. Almost all retail outlets have an online store similar to the Zara one. Many people received the news of the online store very well and couldn’t be more happier to start shopping.

Happy shopping everyone and shop wisely, remember to save.



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