From ballet pumps to business

by Kimberly Flanagan

From a ballerina at the tender age of 5 to an entrepreneur, Megan Erasmus now runs her own NPC and dance school. She shares her experiences and knowledge with us on how she juggles running her business while also

engaging her fitness and dance classes every Thursday and Saturday through her school M.E Dance Academy in Midrand, Johannesburg.

Even though she says she never saw herself as a professional dancer, it seems her fast footedness has landed her in a place where she can share both her passion of dance as well as her business-mind to change the lives of those who need it most.

Megan danced in the opening sequence of the local soapie, Backstage and also performed with to the late South African legend, Lebo Mathosa, with whom she toured Europe and Africa.

She describes herself as a down to earth, patient and loving person and it’s these qualities that have allowed her to be able to give back to her surrounding communities. I sat down with Megan in her home in Midrand to find out exactly what pushes her forward.

If you weren’t a dancer, what would you have been doing?

I never saw myself as a professional dancer. Rather, I envisioned myself as a businesswoman. I loved economics – business economics. Even as a kid, I’d pretend as if I’m working in the bank sitting behind a desk. I saw myself as an exec of some sort of business.

You’re working on other projects, you have an NPC as well, tell me about that?

I’ve got a dance NPC called Rehab Thru Dance run by myself and business partner, Ayanda. We opened up this NPC because we felt like we needed to give a dance, what we know of it, back to the community. We got funding for that which then gave us wheels to go into the community, find schools, which can’t afford dance and we implemented the program there.

What do you think your purpose in life is and does it align with your projects?

I believe my purpose in life is to make the world a better place. To give back, to try and help and change people through my own experiences and through my own talents. To create better outlooks especially for the youth, because I feel that’s where the problem lies. My projects encourage that.

How do you manage being a full-time mother with the business side of your life?

Firstly, most of the time when I do remember, I pray and ask God to give me wisdom and strength and courage to get through the day and get through what I need to. There are times when you wake up and you want to stay in bed the whole day but you can’t because the kids need to go to school. After I pray, I have to exercise or workout, that’s one thing I can give myself.

What values do you try and instill in your children?

I try and be positive with them because I didn’t have that kind of communication with my parents and grandparents. I try and talk to them more and ask them about their day and get them to communicate with me as much as they can by doing things with them that brings about positive changes within themselves.

If you look back now, do you have any major regrets?

I think your trials and tribulations in life moulds you to the person you are today and if I didn’t go through those difficult moments, I wouldn’t have been here today.

If you could give your younger self advice, what would you say to her?

Live in the moment and appreciate the moment.

Megan can be contacted at:

079 775 5133

Her website is:

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