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by Thandeka Mthethwa

Founder of the digital media marketing brand WhitneyTalks, Whitney Allen is a 23-year-old woman that is grounded in journalism and marketing. She connects with people all around the globe (granted the opportunity) to successfully build not just her brand but their brand as well. WhitneyTalks.com is an entertainment website that shines the light on the artists that do not necessarily get the recognition they deserve in the entertainment industry. WhitneyTalks.com is your one-stop for the latest and hottest aspiring talent in the industry.

Digital Marketing
Whitney says that she has always been interested in editorials, curating events and just overall creation. “In high school, I was one of the editors for the school’s magazine. When I went to college, I majored in journalism. This is where I decided to invest in my craft by doing everything that aligns with what I am passionate about”. For Whitney, this was not too hard to figure out because she already knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur so she simply chose marketing. “There wasn’t a blueprint or guideline to build my brand so I executed the vision God gave me”.

WhitneyTalks specialises in Marketing, branding and curating networking events. Whitney says that her vision when she was creating the brand was to have an essential platform across the entertainment industry of the up and coming. By the looks of things, her vision did come to life.

The Talks Events team. Image Source: WhitneyTalks Instagram

Young Entrepreneurs with Talks
Young Entrepreneurs with Talks was also founded in 2017 under Talks Events. According to Whitney, Young Entrepreneurs with Talks is a resourceful destination and platform for current and aspiring millennial entrepreneurs to associate, construct and distribute innovative knowledge with one another. Talks Events provides an avenue for all moguls to establish potential relationships and collaborations throughout current or future occupations.

When the Young Entrepreneurs with Talks series started, Whitney says she desired to offer an intermingling occasion for millennial entrepreneurs to pursue and gather information, guidance, and skills within one another. It is no surprise that she admires Oprah Winfrey, mainly because Oprah Winfrey is…Oprah Winfrey.

When asked what she would like to change about the digital marketing industry, Whitney says she would like to create accessible industry entrance for others to reach one another within their own communities.

Young business-minded entrepreneur. Image Source: @Whitneytalks Instagram

Networking and brand building
“Without networking, my brand would not be where it stands today. Networking is essential to partnerships, collabs, and solid relationships”. Whitney says one should work with others that are working just as hard as you do. Use local events as networking platforms. Build, connect and create your own network! Take advantage of free online webinars for entrepreneurs and blogs as daily resourceful info.

Within the next few years, Whitney’s vision for her brand includes her brand being known all over and being used globally.
Whitney closes off by saying that women should network with other women in the industry so that businesses that are run by women become successful and thrive.

Whitney Allen is a 23-year-old from the United States in Houston, Texas. She is the CEO and founder of WhitneyTalks.

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