Live without limits, age should not hold you from achieving your dreams

by Yandisa Sobahle

Veronica Lesego Phiri, an eighteen-year-old, blogger, silky hair ambassador, matriculant with a vision of using social media to her benefit and inspiring her peers in the process. She saw the potential and impact of social media and ran with it. Through the Arts, she makes a vital contribution of showing the possibilities and beyond being an inspiration to others showing them that nothing should limit them from achieving what they would like to do. Phiri has that go-getter spirit with hopes of reaching more teens in townships so that they can reach for the dream and aspire to inspire.

“Outgoing, outspoken and extrovert are just some words she chose to express who she is”

It has only been two years since she a decision to explore and know herself better Thus she gained the strength to charge forward with her mission of being an inspiration to other young women, showing them the possibilities and resources available to them.

Phiri partnered with @Zesty_art as she saw an opportunity of creating her portfolio through this partnership and the exposure both parties would benefit from. Her next big project was Digital Africa where she made a proactive move and was in contact with the co-founder and partnered with them on a project which was part of the ABSA IT experience. This motivated her to want to help other IT wannabe gurus last year. Phiri represents Silky hair and beauty as their ambassador, she made it to the top from more than 30 people. Another of her projects with a partnership with @Herbootique_lingeries which are changing the narratives of women, their bodies and lingerie. They want women to feel comfortable in their own skin. The company engages with different types of models to achieve their goals Phiri is busy upskilling herself through different projects and they are planning on launching in January.

Phiri understands that partnerships create spaces for sharing and creating innovative ideas. Not only that but finding unique ideas and solutions to help other youth.

As she loves the arts she went through a process of auditions with DMH agency and was successful. She looks forward to meeting with other agencies that will take her under their wing and protect her interests as an artist because she plans on pursuing a qualification in the Arts.

Ever thought that something was impossible, well Phiri says nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it and use your God-given gifts and talents to create goals. Age shouldn’t be a factor in doing the things you would like to do for yourself or the community.

She gathers her strength from her parents and siblings who create a safe space for her to achieve all that she sets her heart and mind to. They are the glue that holds her firmly grounded amidst negativity via social media. She is grateful for this because she has people she can run to for support. And also help her with being strict on her schedule and projects.

“Start now, why wait?”

Many doors have been closed for her because of a lack of experience but this has not stopped her from continuing with her mission. This breaks one however one needs to refocus. “When one door closes another opens”. It is a learning process and she is glad she started at a young age.

“Go for what you want, age should not restrict you from doing what you want to do”.

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