Date night outfit ideas for winter season

by Pogiso P Mokwena

Date nights are more than just about going to grab your favourite meal at your favourite restaurant but it is also about you being comfortable while you’re enjoying some good food and great company. Now your location and how chilly the night is has a huge influence on how one dresses up for a night out but having in mind comfort, elegance and style.

Winter calls for a huge endorsement in dark colours with black being the first, grey, dark brown but even more popping colours, especially when coming to the polo-necks for ladies while most men like sticking to the dark colours. One can never go wrong with fur coats, animal print or solid colours, long trench-coats and knitwear are the go-to on any winter night. When it comes to mixing and matching colour synchronization is important, dressing according to your body type should be a priority to avoid any discomforts. Listed below are a few ideas to choose from this coming winter for women of any body types:

Idea 1

Simple long sleeve mustard polo-neck dress that is below the knees and elevated glitter-grey ankle boots. This look can be transferred from a day look to a night look by just taking off the shades you had on during the day.

Idea 2

A grey V-neck long-sleeved knitwear dress, black pentose and black ankle boot with an elevated pencil or block heel and to break in some colour you can throw in a knitted scarf on top.

Idea 3

You can never go wrong with all black. Slip into a black leather legging, black polo-neck, black poof jacket to take off when you get to your date night location and black ankle/full boot with block heel.

Idea 4

Trench coats are an investment this coming winter. White long sleeve blouse, tuck into a pleated soft grey skirt, and a pair of beige or gold loafers with a beige trench coat on top and seal the outfit with a winter hat. Hand accessories are optional

Idea 5

Prints don’t die even in winter. Put on a leopard print long sleeve vest, black jeans, brown full boot and a beautiful biker leather jacket.

Spoil yourself for choice with throw in accessories that is your scarfs, gloves, knitted beanies and berets. As for make-up you can do a lot of smokey-look and red bold lipstick or keep it natural with light make-up and nude lips.

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