How to spice up your corporate look

by Boitumelo Makobosheane

You don’t have to complicate your style just to spice up your corporate look. Keep it simple, this way you can be sure to spend less while achieving the look you want. Get versatile items eg scarves and classics clothing items with great quality (quality over quantity) and timeless. Example of timeless pieces is black blazer, earth-toned shoes (preferably pumps) or white shirts, pencil skirts and dresses. Instead of a black pant go for a navy pant if you are dark-skinned, or a grey one if you are light-skinned.

Learn to play with colours break the norm or so-called fashion rule of wearing neutral tones. Say hello to bold, beautiful workwear. Here are just a few ways you can add spice, colour, and life to your office attire!

High waisted and flared pants

Gone are the days of hip-hugging pants. Instead, women are now more into wearing high-waist slacks or jeans that accentuate their waist and figure. Flared pants were once a craze back in the 90s it is what most women wore, and now, they seem to be coming back once more! These pants are not only more interesting than old straight cut jeans, but they are also great for when you want to have legs that look longer. The flared pant and the high waisted pant play a similar role in a women wardrobe

Floral, colour and prints

Try pastel colours to create a youthful aura. You can also colour block; use a neutral colour with a vibrant one such as black and pink or yellow there is no need to avoid bright, bold colours, but choose a select few rather than head-to-toe fuchsia pink. Who needs to blend in while in the workplace when you can stand out for all the right reasons?! During spring, go for beautiful floral patterns paired with a sleek pencil skirt or slacks. There are many floral patterns and designs that look great for work, including suits in bright, bold fashionable patterns.

Quality jewellery

Many corporate firms require women to wear a certain way. Power suits and pants are the first preferences, to spice this up you would have to choose jewellery that shows your femininity such as earrings that frame your face beautifully. A statement necklace can easily turn a simple white button-up blouse or collared shirt into a style showpiece. Especially on days where every outfit you put on just doesn’t feel right, accessories amp up your look minus the stress. A good watch can also spice up your look, throw one in the mix and be great, tell the time in style.

Tote bag

A quality tote bag is practical, polished, and chic. With lots of space and pockets, you can organize your papers and business cards while still owning the city with your sophisticated style. A quality gorgeous bag adds to the outfit and makes a statement drawing attention to your outfit, and helps you store your items. It will offer storage space, as well as blend with your outfit. For a great finish, you may consider colour-coding your bag with your outfit. There are many different styles, shapes, sizes and colours of bags available, which will help diversify your choice

Nails, hair and Makeup

Although makeup can be your best friend at work, when applied incorrectly it can turn you from looking polished and professional to a complete and utter mess. To find out what works for the workplace, and what doesn’t.

Your Eyeshadow has to be neutral and not very bold use brown and bronze. For your nails use a neutral colour, remember not to have the length too long or too short. Hair can be straightened out or neatly in a bun showing the statement earrings you have on. Lipstick can take an everyday makeup look of Concealer and mascara to a whole new level. Whether it is a basic nude or a fiery red.

Tucking in your shirts can give you a bit more shape and can help to elongate your legs. Prevent you from looking clumsy. Wear a belt this makes you look put together and makes the whole outfit look put together. Roll your sleeves, this is all about details. You can also neatly layer up. Jumpsuits can be added to your corporate look, get one that looks fabulous throw over a blazer, roll up your sleeves and wear earrings. Loafers work with a formal pant and a pencil shirt so they are a good investment to spice up your corporate look.

When spicing up your corporate look style is important that you also consider convenience. This applies when getting skirts, pants and shoes are they comfortable will it be a breeze to work from 9-5.

Feeling good yet, I know I defiantly am.

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