Quarantine and Get Paid

by Leina Ussin 

The past few months have definitely placed the entire world on what feels like a social hiatus. Jobs shut down, schools closed, and social gatherings cease to exist.

It’s only been a few weeks, and yet, many of us are feeling the economic burden this quarantine has placed upon us. And for many of us, it’s a financial burden we simply cannot afford!

Though nothing can take away the comfort of having a steady flow of income, I’m encouraging everyone now to take this free time to invest in other ways to make money.

Many of us have talents we usually play around within our free time. We write, draw, create, etc. With deliveries being the way to go, and online shopping at an all-time high now is the time to invest in yourself and your talents!

Have a short story you’ve been working on? Finish it, and get it published! Sites like Amazon aid new writers in publishing their work and having it available to sell. It’s a step-by-step process that helps cover you and helps you get paid. And that goes for any craft you may have.

Maybe you knit or sew. Create candles or oils. Anything you find yourself usually doing for yourself, ask whether or not it’s something you can sell. Let me tell, I’ve seen more business owners/entrepreneurs pop up recently than I have my entire 10+ years on social media.

Not creative? That’s OK! There’s a job for you!

Websites like Survey Junkie will pay you money, or send you gift cards, for taking surveys. I know many of us find things like this annoying and time consuming, but unless you’re an essential worker, right now, all you have is time.

Invest in stocks! I know for some of us this is a scary subject to have, but there are companies out there that can help you with this! Stash is an app that will walk you through the entire process; even websites like NerdWallet can help, as well as assist you with your credit score!

A few other at home jobs you should consider are:

  1. Consulting
  2. Social media marketing
  3. Blogging
  4. Online education/tutoring
  5. Sales
  6. Graphic designing
  7. Beta readers/editing jobs

The beauty in investing in these things now is that when the world returns to “normal” you’ll still have a second income on hand. Of course, you may minimize the amount of time you spend on it, but at least you know it’s there.

For all the essential workers out there, thank you for your services and all that you do to keep the world flowing as normal as possible during this time.

I encourage everyone to stay safe, wash your hands, and minimize your contact with others. Take this necessary time to rest, relax, and re-energize yourself.

Once you’re mentally and emotionally ready, jump into the online world and make you some money!

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