Hlomu the Wife by Dudu Busani Dube

by Jennifer Khumalo

Hlomu the wife is an African fictional book that explores love, marriage, and culture. Hlomu is a beautiful, independent young woman who is focused on her Journalism career, never did she imagine herself being married to one of the 8 most powerful and dangerous Zulu brothers in the taxi industry.

This series shows that black love conquers all. The author took her audience through a township love story that surely left many questioning if they were ever trully loved the right way.

Mahlomu is a strong woman who stood by her husband Mqhele and his family through the good and bad. She became a taxi queen and later on a businesswoman who remained loyal to her taxi owner husband and his 7 brothers.

Dudu Busani uses a mesmerizing style of writing, she tells the story in the simplest way possible by using clear English words that are easy to understand. The book is also educational in other aspects because she explains Zulu terms that non- Zulu speaking people might not understand.

The story becomes relatable to most readers because of its authentic nature, I mean this is basically a Zulu love story, nothing fancy and nothing a normal South African wouldn’t know. It happens in areas that most people are familiar with. It explores African culture, how Africans celebrate wedding ceremonies, culture, and war. In every challenge that Hlomu faced within her marriage, she continued to see Mqhele as the only man that is made for her.

However, the book portrays a woman’s love in a particular way. It is directed to women and shows how a strong woman would stay in an unfaithful and abusive marriage because she believes she is loved, which is one aspect that makes it relatable. It shows how a woman quickly drops her standards for the man she loves, she hides her emotions and becomes a submissive wife to an abusive man. Also, a few grammatical and spelling errors in the book were visible.

The author tells a South African story in the most beautiful way possible.

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