Your body is worth the weight

by Nande Myamya

If you’ve never physically seen a rabbit with abs, why are you so persistent about eating like one?

The fitness industry in our world is growing at an impeccable rate and whether we want to admit it or not – most of our physical insecurities are beginning to develop just as rapidly too.

The mirror becomes our platform of judgment and shame and it’s not surprising why the environment of a gym, is first on the list of “Places I Absolutely Hate”, for most individuals who battle with body dysmorphia and other self-esteem issues that are related to their physical appearance.

There’s something about seeing our own reflection that makes us search for what we believe just shouldn’t be there. Our hands become fat magnets, as we GPS them towards our love handles, thick thighs, jelly-like buttocks and arms that wave before our hands do.
As much as your body is solemnly yours, who gave you permission to disrespect it so much but looking for what’s ugly about it, when it was crafted so beautifully?

To avoid coming off as “preachy”, allow me to share my own story. At the age of 16, I was well on my way towards obesity. I was in a healthy relationship with the unhealthiest foods yet. This love affair hadn’t begun because I was a couch potato, that just didn’t know how to control herself. I was mourning the loss of a very loved one and didn’t realize that I was actually in the process of grieving myself too. I was lost, unhappy, unhealthy and most of all ashamed.

Today I am an active 18-year old that has managed to scale her way down from 85kg to 55kg. The girl that I am today, is proud of the girl that she left behind and hasn’t regretted neglecting that person ever since.

I made it my mission to show whoever I could, that change is indeed possible. Change does not begin with you or your mind as many people have made us believe. Change is a direct product of your pain. It is the result of patting yourself on the back for accepting that you may have failed yourself along your journey as a human being, but also extending a hand towards yourself, declaring that you have all the potential and strength to be able to rise again and that resilience is embedded within the core of your being.

Your body will not become your trophy if you still have the mentality of a mere medal. Why seek the body goals of others, when you are in a league of your own? Whatever it is that you wish to do with the body that is owned by you – do so wholeheartedly and proudly. Whether your desire is to lose pounds of fat, gain weight in a sustainable manner, to tone up or slim down – YOUR BODY IS WORTH THE WEIGHT and your mind needs to be right there to pick it up.

If hating yourself was the key to self-love, many of us would’ve been married to our insecurities by now. You are not given just one body for eternity. It will continue to take on different shapes, as you age and I hope that you begin to love each and every one of them.

To the woman who feels imperfect or unlovable because of what she looks like – start feeling beautiful.

You sure as hell already look like it.




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