What you can prepare in the kitchen #FestiveFeast

by Thando Mgobhozi

It is almost that time of the year where a lot of us start preparing for the festivities of the festive season. This time of the year is usually the most exciting just because there is so much to look forward to. It’s a time to unwind, go on that holiday that you’ve been planning the whole year, spend time with loved ones and just let lose. You’ve worked so hard during the course of the year and you’re about to receive that bonus from work so it’s only right that you spoil yourself a bit cause you deserve it.

What comes to mind when you think about the festive season? I think music, food and good company. What a fire combination and we all know that these 3 elements set the tone for any gathering. Now focusing on the food element, I mean who doesn’t love good food and this time of the year is the perfect excuse to put on some extra kilos because you’ve been eating healthy the whole year and were committed to your workout schedule. I really can’t say the same for you if you haven’t unfortunately. We shall go back to making summer bodies in the following winter cause come on really the festive season only comes once in a year.

So let’s indulge…

Just like any ordinary menu in a restaurant has a variety of dishes to pick from so should you have a variety of dishes to explore during this time of the year. It’s also just exciting to try out new recipes to impress extended family members or relatives coming over for the holidays. You can keep your old recipes because I know you’re all about family tradition but that doesn’t mean you can’t spice up things and who knows, you just might love it.

A lot of gatherings around this time include a lot of braais and so do many occasions throughout the year. Braais are simple, efficient and braai’d meat marinated to perfection always tastes like heaven on earth. It tastes even better with a combination of the perfect side dishes.

Braai experts will always tell you how to toss the meat and what temperature the fire should be and and and but I’m no braai expert and if you need these braai skills here’s some advice Your Guide to Becoming a Braai Master

Try these sides to elevate your braai

Bacon and corn potato salad

We all love the traditional potato salad with mayonnaise mixed together with herbs. It’s perfect for a seven-color Sunday lunch but this bacon and corn potato salad just take potatoes to the next level. Bacon also fits in well with many salad dishes that I know so why not try this recipe for your next braai.

roasted sweet potato chips with coriander yoghurt dip 

Sticking with potatoes again, these delicious roasted sweet potatoes chips will have you wanting more. I love potatoes because there’s just so much to explore and do with them. They are truly the mother of vegetables.

Biltong, mushroom and feta pap tert

If you’re not a lover of pap for whatever reason, this Pap tert will turn you into an instant pap lover. A combination of mealies, biltong, and pap? Who could have ever thought that these things would go together to give you a great side dish? It just keeps getting more and more interesting.

Baked bacon and spinach-stuffed blooming onions

Onions form a very important base of any meal and I know there are people who think they are disgusting and prefer to just not have them. They have high levels of antioxidants that give them their distinctive sweetness and aroma. They are not too bad as a side dish either. For more side dishes visit 15 of the very best side dishes.

Christmas Chronicles

Christmas is like the extended version of every Sunday lunch. It is a very precious holiday and many Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, go to church and come back to have a joyous lunch filled with lots of laughter with family and friends. Whatever this holiday means to you, this is the time where your moms favorite plates that have been collecting dust the whole year finally come to use and you get to have those biscuits that you can only have on this day.

It’s really up to you if you wanna spend more time in the kitchen preparing lunch or if you wanna go the easy route and have a Christmas braai menu.

Christmas Starter

Salmon deviled eggs

I just love my eggs and if I could have eggs for breakfast, lunch, and supper I would trust me. Yes, eggs are not a fancy dish but have you ever tasted Salmon deviled eggs? As a Christmas starter? Yeah, I didn’t think so too. So before you think it’s a bad idea to have eggs on Christmas Day, first try out this recipe and you and I shall resume with this conversation afterward.

Christmas main course

Sausage and grits lasagna

Let’s just forget about your traditional turkey dish this Christmas and try this sausage and grits lasagna. You got to admit though, doesn’t it look delicious? I’m getting hungry by just looking at it. Yummy!

Italian Roasted Mushrooms and Veggies

Pair this with Roast chicken and have a feast. You can’t go wrong with roasted vegetables and chicken.

For more Christmas main course or lunch, ideas see Christmas lunch ideas


Now moving onto the kids favorite part of the day, dessert.

Cherry-Vanilla Cake With Whipped Cream

We have birthday cakes, anniversary cakes, graduation cakes so why not have a Christmas cake? It’s the perfect Christmas dessert cake, perfect for the whole family plus the kids are guaranteed to come back for more.

3-Ingredient chocolate mousse

Hmmm chocolate. What would dessert be without chocolate really? Spoil yourself with this delicious chocolate mouse this Christmas.

For more dessert ideas see 50 beyond delicious Christmas desserts.

At this rate, I will need to have a separate drinks menu. Enjoy and happy holidays!

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