Strategic thinking and dedication towards resolutions

By Curswell Tshihwela

Any new beginning is contingent on the simple fact that you begin and you keep working at it. You do not need endless time and perfect conditions. Do it now. Do it today. Do it for twenty minutes and watch your heart start beating. Forget perfect, forget the best conditions, and simply begin. A strategic mindset is essential for the elevation of the progress in fulfilling your resolutions you set the beginning of the year. Strategy and its consistent application by an individual is key to long-term organisational success.

A strategy is an essential component of strategic thinking, a necessary skill for leaders and individuals to be able to think strategically about the big picture. As a strategic thinker, you should do it differently, dig deeper concerning analyzing processes, developing and applying performance metrics, collecting data and producing analytics to make more informed decisions regarding your future. Be observant and reflective than the average person when exploring, deciphering and interpreting the best concepts for achieving organizational excellence, anticipating and responding to change and aligning organizational systems, processes and people with enhanced services and products.

Move beyond the role of having and communicating a vision to fully understanding, thinking about, planning and executing the necessary strategies to realize it. However, it is not just about your organisation. If you want to advance your brand and your career, be strategic. When an individual is being ‘strategic’ about it, he/she is focused on and considers both the hard and soft side of the system and weighs the implications and consequences of decisions to determine whether or not they impact and affect the team’s ability to accomplish strategic outcomes.

It is important to find and balance the value in strategic thinking. Individuals who demonstrate their competence and talent to both lead and think strategically – have a unique advantage when it comes to owning their own careers as well as leading their organizations.

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