A day around Johannesburg

by Dimakatso Komape

We have all had those days where we feel like going out and doing something fun but we end up not going anywhere because we don’t know where to go. You almost end up even dreading weekends because you have nothing to do. I, not so long ago, went on what I call “A day around Jozi”. Since I am into everything artsy, cultural and adventurous I decided to create an itinerary that will accommodate all my likes, so this will definitely appeal to people with the same interests and likes. Whether it is a day out alone, with friends or even a “whole day” date this will work perfectly.

Credo Mutwa Village
First stop, Credo Mutwa Cultural Village located in the heart of Soweto. Credo Mutwa Village is a museum/outdoor exhibition of astonishing sculptures and buildings created by African artist and traditional healer Credo Mutwa. This private collection of sculptures that he constructed juxtaposes African folklore and art with an increasingly westernised society. This unique take on art and society is for you if you are hunting for a more authentic experience. Entrance to this tourist attraction is totally free.

Orlando Towers
Next on the itinerary is a colourful attraction that is a popular spot for a range of adventurous, adrenalin pumping activities. These include bungee jumping, abseiling, rock climbing, zip-lining, pendulum swinging and paintballing, fun right? The last time I went to Orlando towers I “risked my life” and bungee jumped. Ever since that day, my life has never been the same again- I swear I’m not exaggerating. The jump felt like breaking a barrier that had always been there stopping me from doing things that I thought impossible. It felt like a revival. You should definitely try it out.

Johannesburg Art Gallery
Last on the itinerary is Johannesburg Art Gallery also known as “JAG”. This art gallery is located in downtown Johannesburg. “JAG” is the biggest gallery in sub-Saharan Africa, it boasts over 9000 works of art displayed in 15 exhibition halls and sculpture gardens. JAG’s extensive collections of art ensure that it’s one of the major tourist attractions in South Africa, with something new to see each time you visit. The beautiful and thought-provoking art in this gallery will definitely take your breath away as it did mine. You will be excited to know that the entrance to this tourist attraction is also free.

I hope you have fun on this mini road trip around Johannesburg!

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