Back to basics

by Chenai Mugunyani

Let’s talk, about the most basic thing most people forget or tend to ignore.


YEP! That’s right, that is what we are talking about!

As a person who started drinking water, at least 2l a day last year, coming from a place where I hated water, I think I should be the one to talk, maybe a little.

I loathed water, it was bland, tasteless, boring and all the wrong things! But then I decided to change, CHANGE IS REAL guys!

I did some research, just to be sure I was making the right decision, no one wants to try something people speak of highly only to be disappointed. Then I went for it, it was hard in the beginning, but I forced myself after I read all the amazing benefits water had, I just had to. Who would miss out on an opportunity to have beautiful skin and ‘lose weight’? My two biggest motivators!

The first thing that struck me was that water would improve my skin: wait up say what now? I have always wanted to have beautiful skin, not that it is bad, but if there is more out there, I want it!

Secondly, weight loss, I have struggled with my weight, on and off and when I read that water would help, I was sold! The whole you get full quickly stuff sounded magical, I tried it, Uhm, conversation for another day, but I stopped drinking soda/ fizzy drinks! This for me was it, I couldn’t have a meal with anything but juice or soda, but when I was consistent with water, I didn’t want anything else with my meal but water.

Lastly, I do not remember the last time I had flue; it must be the water guys! I used to have flue ALL THE TIME!

Here are some quick benefits of drinking water:

? Water can help to reduce constipation.

? Water helps to prevent hangovers- can I get an AMEN?!

? Drinking MORE water can help with weight loss.

? Water flushes out toxins.

? Water prevents headaches and improves the immune system.

? Water helps to clear your skin.

Tips for starting:

? Buy a big bottle, at least a 1l.

? Drink 2l a day, standard, as a start, and drink more if you can.

? Keep the bottle close by.

? Instead of reaching for the juice/soda, fight the urge, reach for the water!

? Add fruits/ veggies to spice it up! My fave is cucumber water!

I think you shouldn’t consider it a chore, just normality, the same way you crave soda, should be the same way you crave water, it’s a habit you develop.

NB//: The extreme upside to drinking water is once you start and your system really gets used to it, you can’t stop! Your body tells you; it complains. My throat gets dry and I get irritable it is so uncomfortable, and I know exactly what it means.

A total sport I tell ya! But totally worth every drop, see what I did there ?!

Happy drinking!


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