by Chenai Mugunyani

We live in a world where most women are independent and are focusing on their education and careers before maybe thinking of settling down and starting a family.

I think it is hard and I wonder how they do it! Working a full time demanding job and having to make sure your house and family are equally taken care of, the kids are fed and hubby is happy, sounds like a lot for one person to handle, but the crazy thing is, from the outside, a lot of women look like they are coping well.

Personally, I decided way back that I wanted to be a work from home, mother and wife, this is mostly based off of the women in my family, I think it strikes a balance I can handle without breaking down. It worked for the majority of female elders in my family, I am sure it will work for me too.

Whilst other women are set on having a full time job and running the house well, it would be amazing if you have a great support system, from your husband and family. Imagine you finish work later than your husband and when you get home he hasn’t at least taken the meat out of the freezer, before you are through the door, he is already complaining of how hungry he is, the kid is crying and the house is a mess…This scenario makes me itch n the wrong places!

There are so many reasons that can lead a woman to have to work full time, from being financially independent, wanting to bring in more money to cover all expenses and to wanting to just work, its more of a personal preferance thing when approaching this topic and I think if you can make it work for you, then go for it.

Question is can a woman have it all? Both a full time job and balance your family’s needs? Between juggling long hours at work, having to maintain your house, making time for your family and time for yourself to recharge, it all sounds like too much and unreasonable right?

I honestly think it is doable, there are so many women doing it and it is working, and also when the going gets tough and you feel like you are starting  to drown, your can always get help.

I think that we live in a world where sexism should stop, women can work, climb the ladder in the corporate world without facing any judgement of who she left the kids with, or question her otherwise, women have a lot to offer, outside of the house and I cannot reiterate this enough, if you get help, you can do it all!

The TV is showing characters that have it all together, like the GOOD WIFE, MOM, GREYS ANATOMY and a lot more, and yes I know, its just TV but the idea behind is what we should grasp, it is doable.

NB//  with love

SELF CARE- don’t forget about yourself, be it its exercise, some you time alone or a hobby, try to make time for yourself to avoid crashing and burning.

GET SOME HELP- the candle will eventually burn out, do not be that candle, get as much help as you can, be it a nanny or house help, that lightens the weight off your shoulders and you can have plenty of time for yourself.

I think in a way, women can have their own cake, and it eat too!

Happy conquering!

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