Celebrity women are leading the pack

by Mve

Women hardly lead in fields of work and that’s because they are side-lined in many, if not in all and obviously scoring from the side-line is impossible.  Women first fight just to get on the field, not just to score and even when they are already on the field the struggle doesn’t come to an end- goalposts are moved aside every time they shoot to score, and you obviously can’t get the biggest paycheck when you score the least goals (due to goalposts being moved).

But women in the entertainment industry are defying the odds.  This was evident once again when Forbes Magazine released the list of the Highest-Paid Celebrities 2019 in July.  Talented singer, Taylor Swift took the number one spot and the incredible media personality and businesswoman, Kylie Jenner is there right behind her.

Even though there are not enough women on the list, especially on the top ten, the fact that the top 2 are women is a big win for all women, not just for Kylie and Taylor, or just for women in the entertainment industry.

A lot of young women look up to celebrity women more than they look up to any other women and that means now young women will know that they are capable of achieving anything, even getting the biggest paycheck.

If the same list were to be released locally, there are women who would definitely represent.  Bonang Matheba, who has been securing the bag insanely lately would certainly be one of them.  If you have any doubts that there are women who would be on top of that list, then check the scoreboard.  From endorsement deals to gigs- women are doing the most.

Of course, women leading in just one industry is not enough.  This is just a start, but it’s worth celebrating still.

“A woman’s win is a women’s win” Champ Soldier



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