Love is…

by Pogiso P Mokwena

Remember those “complete the sentence” activities we used to do in primary school, So I put up a status “Love is…” and this was solely out of the curiosity to see what people think about love itself.

Definitions like consistency, unconditional, unchanging, kind, loyalty kept on popping from more than one person. I asked myself if could complete the sentence what would be my definition of love be.

Love is not being expectant of perfection.

Love sees beyond faults or flaws.

Love is having one oxygen tank underwater and sharing it without a request from the other party but driven by the love you have for them, that as much as you need to survive you also need them to survive to do this love thing together.

Love knows no gender, has nothing to do with labels.

Love is stripping yourself naked without any fear or anxiety of chasing your partner away with all the scars that cover your body instead love will make them want to love you more and not give you any more scars.

Love is never enough it keeps on giving and taking. Love can never give birth to fraternal twins that is assurance and insecurities.

If love was love was to be a form of pain, then it’s killer would be pride – It gives no room for love to manifest or multiply.

But then I realised that love is the one if not the only things that has the ability to capture our truest emotions, today I stand here thinking about what Nina Simone really meant when she said ‘I put a spell on you’ when that was really love, it has a direct connection with the heart it chooses for itself, it knows what it wants more than anything else.


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