What does 2019 have in store for you?

by Zwakele Jiyane

Have you made New Year’s resolutions or do feel that resolutions are just a myth and things work out just fine when there is no plan wrapped around an idea?

“You must accept the reality instead of wishing your past were any different” –Toke Makinwa

The year 2019 is the year most people have said to secure the bag after a terrible year that people have said to have had in 2018. So as the year started, many people on the streets of twitter went on to tweet about how they will be securing the bag. What caught my attention was, people saying that even though the year has just begun, they already feel that nothing is going according to plan.

Securing the bag basically means getting your things together. And if already on the 3rd month you feel that nothing you had planned to get by this time, seems unreachable, therefore, you’ve decided that 2019 is definitely not you year, do you understand that we still have 9 left for the year to officially end? For some people making resolutions at the beginning of the year is what keeps them steady and motivates them but some people would say that they don’t make sense because “why wait until the beginning of the year to accomplish something you know you have always wanted?” In reality some for you to achieve certain goals, is if you wait until the beginning of the year to achieve them for instance, making it to varsity; there’s no way you can decide, apply and immediately start classes in September.

I was raised in Christian home where I was taught that if my plans don’t work out, it is probably because God has bigger plans for me. Nothing ever comes easy, I had to work twice as hard if I wanted that “bigger something” that God had prepared for me. Life really is what you make it. When you believe that this is not your year, it will surely be like that because even when you try to do well out of something, you have already programmed your mind to not be happy with anything that the year throws at you.

Comparison. There is so much to be said about this, but let’s rather keep it short. So many people feel that this is not their year because of they compare themselves to their peers and realise how different their lives are. What ever happened to “Own race, Own lane, Own pace”? Moving forward is amazing. Whether it is with the speed of a cheetah or of a tortoise, it is better than remaining stagnant. However, one thing you should always avoid is using the line “Own race, Own lane, Own pace” line as an excuse to be lazy.

Sometimes our things don’t work out because they are just not meant for us. We want certain jobs because we want to reach the standards of our neighbours, we want certain cars because nobody would take you seriously if you bought a car that has been 2nd hand to 3 other people. We don’t want our goals just for ourselves; but you should remember that we are all different, we have different talents, different abilities and different skills. Which is why what may work out for you, won’t work out for me. Of course accepting that something that you have longed for for so long is not meant for you has never been smooth. You force things not realising and kick doors that were never meant to open up for you at that particular time.

Always remember that not everything goes according to plan and learn to be okay with that.

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