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by Chenai Mugunyani

I have been growing my hair for the past few years and I am quite impressed with the results.

I do not use any products; my hair would be lucky if I applied any moisturizer once a week. I just plait my hair, that’s how it grows.

Like any other girl, I want my hair to grow longer. So, I set out on a research mission. I started with YouTube videos for some inspiration and boy was I marvelled.

I did not know that there were different hair types, imagine my shock.

Image: Courtesy of Real Men Real Style

I stumbled across HAIR POROSITY, which is basically how well your hair absorbs and holds moisture for you to be able to use the correct products for your hair type and for it to stay moisturized. Imagine how amazing it would feel giving your hair the exact creams and oils it needs!

Now before we go any further, I know many of us are sceptical. In the end, each person has a regime that works for them, but I think this is worth a try. Knowing the type of hair, you have and feeding it with the right nutrients.

A simple way to test the porosity of your hair, below: after this ‘test’, (and many other tests you can find online) then you get the correct products suitable for your hair type and watch it flourish.

Image: Courtesy of NaturAllclub

When we have figured out our hair type, (YouTube and Google would have to be your best friends here) we then get the right moisturizers and creams for our hair. I think this would be the most interesting part, this would be you kissing your irritation away and welcoming amazing healthy hair.

A lot of us do not fully understand that our hair needs love too (guilty) the same way we show love to our skin. We tend to neglect it and use wrong chemicals and heat unnecessarily so, and obviously not intentionally, we just plait, wash and maybe apply a cream once a week or never.

Let’s embark on a journey where we get to understand our hair better and finesse it, show it some good TLC that it has been missing out on!

I hope we get to give our hair enough attention and love it fully as any other part of our bodies, do not give up on your hair no matter how damaged or short it is?!!

PS: Did you know?

Cotton sheets cause breakage to your hair, the best option is silk sheets.

Happy hair growth!

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