Stretch marks are not scars to your beautiful

by Mveleli Bayisa

Almost every plus-size woman’s body has stretch marks if not all and stretch marks are one of the things plus-size women get shamed for the most. In fact, not just plus-size women but women in general and as a result a lot of women live their whole lives hiding stretch marks.

When shopping, they go for long-sleeve clothes only. No matter how much they like a certain item when it reveals the stretch marks they do not purchase it. They feel like stretch marks are scars to their beautiful which is not true at all.

Have you noticed that a scar itself can be beautiful? I am certain we all have that one person with a beautiful scar on her face that we know of. And for many of us, it’s more than one person. Even though it’s not ‘mother nature’ but accidents that give birth to scars, some are still beautiful.

Now that we all agree that scars can be beautiful, what makes stretch marks so ugly? Why is beauty off the market for a body with stretch marks? How on earth do scars out-beauty stretch marks? This all proves that we live in an ugly world. It’s never about the eyes. It’s about the mind behind the eyes.

Stretch marks are way more beautiful than scars can ever be. They are not ugly-marks and when you know that you can’t feel ugly just because you have them. There is no way you can feel ugly just because your body has stretch marks when you know that stretch marks are not scars to your beautiful.

If scars can be beautiful and stretch marks out-beauty scars that means only a mind that is a victim to beauty standards can have you beating yourself up for having stretch marks. This means when you are a victim to beauty standards you beat yourself up even for what you should be beating your chest for.

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