Woman Thou Art Great

by Samantha Mdluli

She gave life
Forever tortured and abused
But still, you called her nothing
Found helpless
Her life’s turned to he’ll
All she knew was self arrested courage
Forced to die
Forced to succumb
Eventually, she heard a familiar voice in the distance a voice she thought had died eons ago it was a faint voice that echoed so loud that even the devil trembled in its presence
She took a stand to reclaim her former glory
She was tired of playing a pawn when she was a rightful Queen
She wanted to reclaim her former glory
She wanted to rewrite the rules
She dared to be different
A trailblazer
She didn’t just conquer
She paved the way
Her Ancestory lives within us all
We celebrate this woman
A Lady who dared to dream big
A lady who crawled so we could walk
We applaud this woman today
today we celebrate this woman all around the world
Don’t let anybody tell you that there are set paths for you to follow
She dealt with her oppressors so you could be an inspiring woman of tomorrow.

Happy Women’s Month!

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