I am categorized #WomensMonth

by Leina Ussin

I am categorized
and characterized
without having materialized
into existence
I am woman
With society’s representations
I have been defined
and refined
Into the perfect feminine personification
But my self-perception
is only deception
For those unknown to me
You see
To carry the identification
Fits me with the description
That if I should refuse
I get no recognition
Woman, wife, mother, nurturer
Branded with labels
I’m expected to maintain
Along with the weight of the world
Keeping my emotions contained
I am woman
Never faltering
Forbidden from altering
The path already walked before me
For society has chosen
And this feminine pattern woven
To dictate my destiny
But now
I break free
I am woman
With the struggles of the world
I continue to survive
No longer looking for acceptance
Or tolerance
In your eyes
Disregarding the words you chose to
No longer in your corner
Just settling for being content
I have come into my own
I have grown
I’m totally independent
My heart dictates my roles
My faith shall chose my goals
And I shall find acceptance
Within my own strength
Wife, mother, nurturer
That is me
Here I stand
I bare those labels
Because I can
A woman
I am

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