by Chenai Mugunyani

A few days back, 8 March to be specific was International Women’s Day.

This month, I chose to read books by phenomenal women. Behind every book, there is always a story of empowerment, awareness being evoked, and that leaves your mind questioning society as a whole. From body positivity, feminism, gender, health and many more…

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie,

Louisa May Alcott,

Jane Austen,

Enid Blyton,

The Bronte Sisters,

Toni Morrison,

Maya Angelou,

Tsitsi Dangarembwa,

Olga Tokarczuk,

Virginia Wolf,

Candace Bushnell,

Sophie Kinsella,

We all need awareness in our everyday happenings, we need to find a voice amongst other voices and I think one of the ways of doing that is reading, there is an unexplained set of strength you get from reading someone’s story, getting a different perspective, and inspiration to want to do better, stand up for yourself and help someone else.

There are plenty more women out there who are speaking their truth and it is great to bounce off mythos and concepts.

I hope we all share the same sentiments, empowering women, from young ages to be confident in their own skin and to be never afraid to speak!


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