Outfit for a rainy day

Hey lovelies! Happy new month, now that the year of January is over we can fully enjoy 2018! It hasn’t been raining much in Harare and we were a bit worried about our crops, but God came through and we have been enjoying some rains.
Now I love this type of weather until it is time for me to venture out of the comfort of my warm room, into the wet streets of Harare. Keep reading on some style tricks on how to brave the cold and still look chic whilst you’re at it.

When I have an outfit in mind, I stick to it! Come hail, come thunder, because I’ve invested emotions into how cute I’ll look! And I never had option 2 or 3. So imagine my chubby self had planned a cute outfit with nice open sandals and then the rains start, of course being the stubborn mule that I am I had to make a few adjustments to suit the rain but keep the basics of the outfit. I chose to change the shoes and add a leather jacket.

The shoes have a block heel that is super comfortable and has grip to keep you stable as it can get a bit slippery. The leather jacket is a basic wardrobe staple and is always a life saver on rainy days. Leather screams “bad ass” and always adds an edge to most outfits, you can wear it or put it over your shoulders like I did and still stay warm.

The belt was a cute find when I went thrifting, it doesn’t have a lane, but it is genuine leather and has beautiful metal detailing, I couldn’t resist. I must lose a few inches on my waist for it to be a perfect fit, lol. The bag is Marco Polo, the jeans are from Lee Jeans they are high waisted and hide so many sins, super comfortable and have a good stretch.

There you have it Lovelies. Comfort over everything and remember to keep warm in the wet weather but that’s not an excuse to not look cute! Happy February and I pray it brings success, growth, happiness and peace. Be kind to one another.

Love and Light Lovelies.

By Chantelle Jeradi

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