What are you up to this Heritage Day?

by Thandeka Mthethwa

I may be the only one guilty of this so please try by all means to get rid of that look of shame or disgust, whatever it may be, on your face. A lot of South Africans couldn’t wait for this day so they could properly show off their traditional attires, where you ask, in bed. I know I’m doing this and there’s no shame in my game. Every holiday for me starts and ends exactly the same way. I get to relax and binge on a thousand different shows without finishing even a single one. Drag me I know I’m a messy watcher but atleast I try. This is something I do not encourage anyone to ever get in the habit of doing.

If you are in a way a thousand times better than me, today is an amazing day for you and your loved ones. You probably have a braai stand out, the boerewors, beef, and chicken is almost ready. Kids are running around, messy uncles have made it this year and are probably drunk as a whale. Let’s not forget that aunt that is busy asking everyone when they are getting a house, getting married or simply having any kids because it looks like time is racing against your sperms or ovaries. Well, without giving you a thousand more ideas, this is what makes a family. This is what braai day is about. As hard as it may be, let’s not complain.

Even though this holiday caught us all off guard, we are probably really thankful, it is happening. Burn out is a real thing so having friends and family around you cracking jokes is probably the best thing you need right now. You are being saved from yourself. Some people could not get to go home though, they are alone with people they consider families in different cities trying to enjoy the little bit of happiness they have because truly, there’s no place like home. You couldn’t have possibly gone home, tomorrow it is back to work.

If you really want to go out and be amongst people, there’s a lot of places you can go to commemorate this day. I mean, the day has just started, why not have the time of your life. Responsibly of course. Here’s where you can go:

  • The Heritage Golf Championships

Head to Sun City for a weekend of fun. This is of course if you enjoy the green grass scenery and of people just hitting balls. There are over 22 South Africa’s top-rated Golf Clubs. Click here for more information.

  • The Soothing Sounds Of The 22nd Standard Bank Joy Of Jazz

This is taking place starting on Thursday till Saturday, 26 – 28 September 2019 at 19:00 at the Sandton Convention Centre, 161 Maude Street, Sandton, Johannesburg. There will be a special performance to honour the late Hugh Masekela.

  • A Taste Of Africa At African Food Festival

This is taking place today, it just started so don’t be moody. It ends at 22:00 in Pretoria National Botanical Gardens, 2 Cussonia Avenue, Brummeria. There is African food, poetry, music, dance and, of course, a good vibe. Giving you a beast line-up with only the best for you on the day:

    • Cassper Nyovest
    • Mafikizolo
    • Tronomy (Nigeria)
    • Resident DJ
    • Resident Afro Band
  • Heritage Day Pop-Up Market at Design Quarter

This started today at 10:00 – and will end at 15:00 so you can still make it. it is at the Design Quarter, Corner William Nicol and Leslie East, Magaliesig, Sandton. The popular Maboneng food market makes its way to Magaliesig this Heritage Day as they bring you the Heritage Day Pop-Up Market at Design Quarter.  Bring your loved ones to enjoy some lekker South African food, as well as cuisines from around the world. It’ll be like travelling, but with your taste buds.

Let us know how it went, how your heritage day was like and where you went exactly. If you didn’t go to these events, where exactly did you go?

The events mentioned above were found on the Joburg Website 

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