There’s been a NO before the YES for Nomzamo Mbatha

by Mve

When one is already a star it is believed everything is handed on a silver platter to her but that assumption is far from being right.  People come to that conclusion only because they see the YES, not the NO (sometimes, which is most of the times more the one NO) one go through before getting a YES.

One of South Africa’s finest actresses, Nomzamo Mbatha’s story is no different.  Her first international role which she announced in August that she bagged on a movie sequel “Coming 2 America” is not the first or the only international role she ever auditioned for.  There’s been a NO before the YES for the Durban-born star.

Not so long ago she shared that she also auditioned for the role scored by Thuso Mbedu on Barry Jenkins’s ‘The Underground Railroad’ upcoming Hollywood series based on Colson Whitehead’s novel by the same title but got a NO.  Stars are expected to be flawless, so they hardly share their shortcomings but sharing that you once got a NO is a big YES, especially when millions of people look up to you.

Nomzamo, sharing that she got a NO was very important to the ones following on her footsteps.  Now they all know that though the road looks smooth, in reality, it is bumpy.  They won’t fall for the assumption that stars are always over the moon.  Now they know that stars do face rejection and life is no fairy tale even for them.

And it’s not just her, almost every star receive a NO before getting a YES.  Not one person is immune to a NO, not even superstars.  But a NO is never final.  Like her, never let it stop you from hunting for a YES.

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