The 1 move that could save your life

Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters used it to thwart hijackers. Alison Botha who, over 20-years ago, was raped, disembowelled and left for dead by two attackers, endorses it, and 1st for Women Insurance wants you to learn it.  It could save your life.

In South Africa, and according to Statistics South Africa, femicide is five times higher than the global average. This means that in South Africa, women are five times more likely to be killed due to gender-based violence.

“With this in mind, it’s crucial for women to learn how to keep themselves safe and unharmed in any life-threatening situation and know where to turn to for help,” says Casey Rousseau from 1st for Women Insurance.

It’s not about learning self-defence moves which takes years of training and muscle memory.  It’s about having the mental knowledge and physical ability to make a choice in any threatening situation or circumstance.

According to Mark Grobbelaar, founder of Woman INpowered (WIP): “If you find yourself in a life threatening situation, there are only three human reactions: Fight, flight and freeze.  If you choose to fight, you must make sure that whatever you do immobilises the attacker, otherwise it’ll anger him. If you choose to flight, try and get away from the situation as fast as possible.  Freezing is not a good option. You need to be proactive and know that you have a tool in your armoury that could be used to ‘flight’ a life-threatening situation.”

That tool is simple and has proven to be devastatingly effective. It’s something that is taught by WIP that empowers women to do what they have to do that could keep from being hurt, raped, robbed or killed.

“There is only one target on the human body that can immobilise any attacker with very little training 
There is no muscle in the throat and when you strike the throat, the attacker stops breathing,” says Rousseau.


  • Your position is in front of the attacker
  • You need to stand as close as possible without being in the attackers space
  • Feet are placed a shoulder width apart
  • Hips should be at a 45 degree angle to attacker
  • If he is behind you, turn around to face him by whatever means possible
  • Use your whole body, swivel hips and shoulders and punch “through”

Another tip is ‘don’t go with the attacker to the second place’. “Things always get worse at the second place.  Your chances of survival at the first place are above 90%, and below 35% at the second place.  Ensure that whatever is going to happen, happens at the first place,” says Grobbelaar.

“In 2017 we launched ForWomen, an online platform that consolidates woman abuse fighting efforts and gives all South Africans the chance to give help and get help in the fight against woman abuse.  It is our hope that the 1 Move and our ForWomen movement, empowers women to achieve their potential in every sphere of social and productive life by eradicating the fear of crime,” concludes Rousseau.

To learn the move and join the movement visit:

Watch the 1 Move 1 Movement Demo:

Watch the 1 Move 1 Movement Documentary:

This content was supplied by Nondumiso Mpila on behalf of 1st for Women Insurance. 

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