Refuse to be a victim of circumstances

by Mbalenhle Ndaba

Refusing to be the victim of certain circumstances like fear, discouragements, shortcomings, being raised in a dysfunctional environment the list goes on. This, however, differs for every individual. The greatest action that one can do is to focus and learn to empower themselves through the compatibility of experiences that one endures.

You will receive constructive outcomes when the heart and mental space are in harmony, your life will be filled with peace, and you’ll interact with the world empathetically when you attain joy your life will transform colossally, set your feelings free by telling yourself the truth. Learn to conquer your head and submit to your heart.

Expressing your heart will do wonders and pleasant results will be received, on the other hand, it is known that the head knows the facts, but the heart knows the truth. The greatest magic is in your heart.

Inner voice leads the lyrics that you get to chant every day. Practicing the art of listening to your heart you get to earn more leverage; your powerful natural self reflects all the time. You grow day by day, the circumstances are not there to block you, if you can handle them politely in the long run life’s going to present the blank and clearer page so that you can fill in all your good deeds about your future self. Most importantly one should grant persistence and love as the beacon of hope. By making small tweaks, you will see positive results as an aspiring optimist

Our innates talents are indeed powerful if they are recognised at an earlier stage of the crisis process. When the voices of doubts ghost up you can meditate deeply about the results you wish to archive. You will be able to make a name for yourself and allowing your integrity to reflect in different forms that you can comprehend. Being self-conscious and letting life unfold has nothing to do with giving up but it simply means sometimes, instead of figuring it out, you must wait it out. Feel it and don’t force it. Patience does not pressure, take into consideration that it should be about dignity, not desperation.

Life, in general, is not black or white, right or wrong, this or that or one direction versus the other. Just because you were one thing, doesn’t mean you can’t also be another from the circumstances you arise towards striving to be a multifaceted individual. Someone with contrasting hobbies, varying interests, and diversity of passions that keep people guessing. Blur the lines on what people would expect of you and be yourself. No one said you must be the same person today than you were yesterday, you are already two completely different people when you’re sober versus being drunk from the circumstances. Moreover, “We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise, we harden”.

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