How to plan a short-last minute vacation without breaking your bank

by Boitumelo Makobosheane

Financial education has turned from being an “I will see” the topic to being a necessity. When it comes to vacations you probably want to live a little, but you don’t have to break your bank while at it. There is a long list of what can be done from flights to accommodation. It can seem to be a stressful and frantic situation, but it is really not it can be more exciting than the very thought of a vacation. The trick is to know which flights and hotels to book, and the right time to book.


When planning your flights pay attention to the day of the week. Trying booking your plan tickets on a Sunday or Tuesday airlines usually have good deals on flights these days.  Look for alternative travel options if you can drive or travel by train use that method of travel. Be flexible with your return dates this could save you a few hundred just as choosing less popular travel times.

Combo deals

Search for vacation packages – get an inclusive vacation, not only can you get superb deals. These packages are helpful in the sense that you don’t have to worry about searching for hotels or activities separately. Have a few destinations in mind. In places where you have family or can get an Airbnb to go to the family, they probably won’t charge you for your stay. Airbnb is a very affordable and often hosts will drop the nightly prices of their listings at the last minute, because they’re often as desperate as you are this makes it a great chance for you to negotiate with your host, so settle for cheap housing or hotels. Play around with your length of stay some hotels offer a fifth night free.

Off-peak season

Yes, it is a last-minute vacation just remember to travel during the offseason, some places have visitors patterns that can work to your advantage, even with this you have to keep checking for prices and cheaper options you can switch to.


Budget for it, “but how m I to budget because I just decided now that I’m two weeks I m going on vacation?” It is simple to add your budget monthly on vacations and plan ahead of time a last-minute vacation can be you deciding today that you are going soon but honestly you need to always plan ahead have ideas on hand on where you would want to go when the time comes. Stays within your means don’t overspend.

Plan to eat local

Avoid overpriced  Restaurants eat at your standard places, and if your vacation is in the countryside always find a self-catering place that can save you money because you don’t have to pay a fortune on each plate.

Be flexible

There are so many options available to you if you simply go with the flow and not let concrete ideas of how you want your trip to be. Be open to different destinations, you haven’t been planning for months and the will likely be last minute deals for available specific destinations.

Research and have a plan

Do thorough research, this will help you decide and have an open mind on when is a good time to book. Have a concrete plan -even though it is the last minute, make sure you have some sort of plan in place on the activities, the accommodation, car rentals and sightseeing.


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